About Us

Telugu Association of Birmingham, Alabama (TABALA) was formed in January 2005 to preserve, maintain, and perpetuate the cultural heritage of the people of Telugu origin in the Birmingham area, state of Alabama, and neighboring states. TABALA makes the great state of Alabama and Birmingham metro a beautiful home away from home for first generation immigrants, while reminding American born Telugu people their roots.

Every year, TABALA organizes several events with the help of community volunteers. Volunteers spend their precious time and resources to organize and celebrate the following events.

Sankranti: TABALA's calendar of events starts with celebrating the annual Sankranti festival. Sankranti is the harvest festival in the Telugu states. Community members put on a great show which follows a sumptuous South-Indian dinner prepared by the men and women volunteers. One of the highlights of Sankranti celebrations is the muggula poti. This competition brings some of the best talent where competing women draw intricate patterns on the floor to win bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Kite Festival: Just when the chilly winter finally gives way to some warm temperatures and nice winds, the Telugu population of Birmingham come together to fly kites specially brought from India. TABALA provides a free kite to everyone that participates. Kids enjoy and cheer the colorful kites when they fly high in the skies.

Ugadi: Perhaps no other event brings the Telugu community together as much as the Telugu new year Ugadi event does. TABALA Ugadi event showcases the talent of the community that engage in cultural events, quizzes, dances, skits and like most TABALA events ends with a great meal prepared by our own Annapurnas.

Bathukamma: The floral festival celebrated predominantly by the people from Telangana and some parts of Andhra Pradesh is perhaps the most colorful of events TABALA hosts. Telugu women design colorful Bathukammas and pray together.

Sports Mela: TABALA sports mela is an annual event of various sports organized between August and October. Popular sports like Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis and indoor Table Tennis competitions are held where several hundred sport enthusiasts reignite their rivalries each year to win TABALA trophies and winner high honor.

Wilderness Camping: The warm summers of Alabama bring outdoor enthusiasts together for a fun weekend get together at one of the many beautiful state parks in Alabama. As with every event, people get together to catch up on the happenings while cooking sumptuous Telugu food and spending time under the stars. The beautiful state of Alabama has some of the best parks to make this event a lot of fun to relax and unwind.

Vanbhojanam: Just when summer gives way to fall and winter, Telugu prajaneekam come together at a Birmingham Metro's local park to play fun games and eat great food. Kids as well as adults enjoy face painting, tug-of-war, lemon and spoon and charity bingo to have a fun day before retiring into the cold winters of the year.

TABALA Day: TABALA day is celebrated to recognize the community. Popular celebrities from India are invited to connect the community to its roots with music and dance performances.

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